AMISOM convenes humanitarian facilitation training for civilian partners in Somalia’s HirShabelle state.


The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) held a one-day training for partners in Jowhar, the administrative capital of HirShabelle state, to familiarize them with the Somalia Country Specific Humanitarian Civil-Military Guidelines, which guides the interaction between partners and the Mission.

“Humanitarian challenges call for increased coordination and dialogue between AMISOM and partners operating in the recovered areas,” said Abdul Diabagate, AMISOM’s Senior Humanitarian Liaison Officer, during the highly interactive sessions.

Diabagate expressed the need to increase humanitarian facilitation activities and interaction with communities in areas undergoing acute crises and natural disasters.

The training aimed at fostering partnerships between AMISOM civilian liaison officers and the partners, also sensitized participants on the importance of observing the International Humanitarian Law, humanitarian principles and International Refugee Law.

Diabagate emphasized the need to foster greater coordination between the Mission, state authorities and partners, in the area of humanitarian facilitation.

During the one-day training the hosts also shared the 2017 Somalia Civil-Military Working Group Report, which was launched September 2017. The report details the working group’s achievements, best practices and strategic partnerships that contributed to the alleviation of suffering amongst drought affected populations and displaced civilians.

The next training for uniformed personnel will take place next week in Belet Weyne, Hirshabelle.

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