Russia to build naval base in east Africa, Somaliland


Russia is plotting a game-changing naval base in a breakaway east African state in bid to dramatically expand his military might in the Middle East, according to reports published by The Sun Online.

Talks are reportedly underway between Moscow and leaders in Somaliland for a 1,500 man base to support its warships and hunter-killer submarines to operate in the volatile region and busy shipping lanes carrying most of Europe’s goods.

If realised, this would be Russia’s first base in Africa since the Cold War and be a major step forward for Vladimir Putin’s ambitious modernisation programme to revive his country’s once proud navy.

The rumored location of the base is outside of Zeila city, in the self-declared republic of Somaliland.

It is also on the border with Djibouti – nearby the location of China’s first overseas base in modern times which opened last year.

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