Senior terrorist militant surrenders to Somali National Army


Senior terrorist militant Commander of Al-Shabaab on Sunday surrendered to Somali National Army in Baidoa town, southwest Somalia, SONNA reported.

Somali National Army Commander at 60th Division, Ismail Khalif Shire told Somali National News Agency that they would welcome any that denounces extremist ideology and joins peace process.

” Al-Shabaab commander for big terrorist explosions and training, Addow Moalim Isak surrendered to us today, he is with us now”, Mr. Shire said.

” We have witnessed mass killings to civilians ruthlessly and I many others decided to defect and surrender to the Government and I regret that”, Addow, the surrendered militant said.

The Somali Army Commander said that this militant was in charge in for big explosions and training, saying he operated in Bay, Bakool, Gedo, lower Jubba and Benadir regions.

The group fighters laying down the army and coming to Somali National Army increased in this region in the latest three months now.

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