Somali government forces conduct security operations in Hiraan.


The commander of Hiran region in Hiran region said that they will soon open the road to Buuloburde district in Al-Shabaab.

The four-year-old, who was wearing the streets, said the government would take away the bullets of Buloburde residents.

The fifth commander of the Somali National Army, Farah Koshin, spoke publicly on Bulo-burde in the town of Buloburde, saying the next few days will open the closed doors, and the people will be freely chased to other suburbs.

“You are greeted by the freedom of movement of peace as soon as possible, the closed roads will be opened and you will be safe,” the commander said.

Meanwhile, residents of Bulo-burde have demanded the Federal Government of Somalia and AMISOM to open the roads to enable them to work in their fields and in Hiran.

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