Somalia seized troops trained by Emirates.


The government of Somalia officially seized soldiers trained Emirates and military training camp in Mogadishu on Saturday, Radio kulmiye reported.

The military training camp called Gen. Gordon was at hands of United Arab Emirates, which have been providing support to Somali government, including military training and salary.

Gen. Abdullahi Anod said that the government will give the troops completely to their rights and they will do national duties.

Although government officials did not mention the number, hence government source told Radio kulmiye that the number is nearly 2,000.

Emeriti officers providing training to Somali military left the country when the diplomatic crises between Somalia and UAE worsened.

The diplomatic relations of the two countries gets down, after when Somali government seized $9.6 million in cash from UAE in Mogadishu air port.

The seizure resulted halting UAE support to Somalia militarily and politically.

The foreign minister of Somali government Ahmed Isse Awad told media that his government is open to dialogue.

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