The government is accused of behind the motion of the speaker of parliament.


Some MPs said that the motion was to be launched by the Prime Minister’s office, which is part of the Cabinet.

Mohamoud lawyer and member of Parliament who spoke to the news is that all of the Council of Ministers of the Council of Foreign trips during the absence and in time they were signed.

He also said the lawmaker Abukar Mwangi from the Chairman of the House of the People of the Federal Parliament Mohammed Sheikh Osman (Jawari) is sitting on the tree of prime minister.

The lawmakers also said that this was the first time the MPs voted for the vote to ban the country from the DP World in the United Arab Emirates.

“This is a direct move to the Government, especially the lawmakers, whose aim was to expel Jawawar, this is a vicious Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kaheye,” he said.

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